Koral North America k1100e-a

Koral North America K1100E-A

TYPE Pass-through dishwasher
LINE Koral North America
BASKET 500x500 (20"x20")
SIZE 620x770x1435/1900 - 24”½W x 30”¼D x 74¾”H


Functions and benefits without compromise, all with lower running costs and at a very reasonable price.

Stainless steel: Adjustable rotation speed rinse arms, integral tank filter, Detergent injector welded to the tank.

ETL Sanitation: Programmed to guarantee the perfect sanitation result at high rinse temperatures. This model is ETL and ETL Sanitation certified as it meets the requirements of the NSF/ANSI 3 rule. The washing cycles have been specifically designed to make the dishwasher compliant with the NSF hygienic safety standards, recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Multi power: Adapt the power level to your needs (field convertible).

LCD controls: Simple digital control panel with digital temperature display for intuitive and user-friendly operation.

60 years of experience with evolving technology has produced the HANDY H110E-A. Thesis offers a professional wash system, designed and created to provide excellent cleaning, hygiene and brightness. The HANDY hood-type dishwasher is an ideal solution for establishments that have to wash different types of dishes, glasses and hotel/gastronorm pans. Simple to use for heavy duty applications with low maintenance. We guarantee an impeccable wash quality, which can meet even the needs of the most sophisticated customers.

High-quality products built using durable stainless steel with electromechanical components. The H110E-A is designed for energy savings with lower water and detergent consumption.

Technical features

– Control panel with LCD display

– ETL Sanitation to guarantee a powerful wash and sanitization with a high rinse temperature

– EWC System, electronic control with 4 individual programmable cycles

– Energy saving start cycle system (washing cycle started only with push pressure on the closing handle)

– Drain pump optional (Ecology Care system for partial refilling of clean water every washing cycle)

– Vacuum breaker valve

– Integral stainless steel tank filter + New filtering group for suction and drain

– Racks supplied: 2 dish baskets, 1 glass basket, and 2 cutlery trays

– 1-year parts and labour warranty

– Adjustable 3L/hour detergent dispenser

– Adjustable 0.3L/hour rinse-aid dispenser

– 60 racks/hour or approximately 35 racks/hour in accordance to NSF standards

Dimensions - (mm) L - P - H 620x770x1435/1900 - 24”½W x 30”¼D x 74¾”H
n° baskets/hour - (+55°C) Max 60
Height glass max 390mm
Ø height plate max 415mm
LT bread basket 40 (H=390mm)
Trays GN1/1
Rinsing and washing arms "Ø30 INOX UPPER / LOWER SEPARATED "
Tank heating element - Tank capacity 4,5kW - 37lt (9.8gal)
Boiler heating element - Boiler capacity 5,4kW - 7,3lt (1.9gal)
Washing pump 1,34kW / 1,5Hp
Total power input / Current 6,52kW / 30A
Standard input voltage 208/220V - 50/60Hz - 1HP
Recommended inlet water temperature +55°C (125⁰F)
Water hardness 7÷10 °f
Water consumption per cycle (inlet suggested pressure 2 BAR) 2,0lt
Adjustable detergent and rinse-aid dispenser ELECTRIC
imballo_mm_-_m3_-_kg 710x960x1520h - 1,04 - 120kg (265lbs)
Basket for glasses dim.500x500x100mm 1
Basket for 18 dishes dim.500x500x100mm 2
8 division cutlery insert 1
Integral tank filter 2
UNIKO touch display with IKLOUD Wi-Fi control -
Drain pump kit 32W
Basket for trays with 4 compartments dim.500x500x200mm
Inclined basket for wine glasses dim.500x500x170mm
Kit 4 Stainless steel feet 50-70mm -
= Optional Installabile, - = Optional not installable


Koral North America k1100e-a

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