ADVANCE range c537t-bts


TYPE Undercounter warewasher
BASKET 500x500
SIZE 585x655x815h


The dishwashers of the ADVANCE line with Break Tank guarantee maximum performance thanks to the Acquatech System installed as standard that, through an atmospheric boiler and a rinse pump, keeps constant temperature and pressure and optimal water consumption.

The dishwasher is also equipped with an automatic softener that offers the possibility of extremely effective limescale abatement. The softener is in fact completely autonomous and automatically adjusts its regeneration intervals according to the hardness of the incoming water; it is only up to you to fill the salt tank whenever the ‘no salt’ message appears on the display. Regeneration of the resins takes place during wash cycles, so no downtime is required.

With the C537T-BTS dishwasher, it is possible to wash glasses of different shapes and sizes as well as 18 dishes per cycle with Ømax 395mm thanks to the baskets provided, with a maximum output of 40 baskets/hour (720 dishes/hour). The optional drain pump enables automatic draining and a partial change of clean water with each wash.

The ADVANCE panel is the real  trump card of the line thanks to its 4 washing cycles and an automatic drain cycle (with drain pump installed). On the control panel you can easily view the tank and boiler temperature, the messages of the self-diagnosis system, the Scheduled Maintenance warning and the intelligent Start button, which changes colour to always show the status of the dishwasher with great simplicity. The simple and extremely effective electronic board gives you the possibility to set and control the rinse and discharge times, the wash and rinse temperatures and the relevant Thermostops, which are essential to guarantee an excellent washing result.

The double electric detergent and electric rinse aid dispenser installed as standard guarantees maximum hygiene in every wash cycle with great savings; the washing and rinsing impellers, on the other hand, ensure reliability and durability. The body is made entirely of AISI 304 steel and is designed with all components at the front for easy servicing by the technician.

View the performance table at the following link:

Dimensions - (mm) L - P - H 585x655x815h
n° baskets/hour - (+55°C) Max 40
Height glass max 320mm
Ø height plate max 350mm
Trays GN 1/1 (special basket required)
Tank heating element - Tank capacity 2,6kW - 22l
Boiler heating element - Boiler capacity 5,4kW - 7,3l
Washing pump 0,52kW / 0,7Hp
Total power input / Current 5,92kW / 16 A
Standard input voltage 400V3N - 50Hz
Recommended inlet water temperature +55°C
Water hardness 7°f - 10°f
Water consumption per cycle (inlet suggested pressure 2 BAR) 2,4 l
Adjustable detergent and rinse-aid dispenser STANDARD
Acquatech system rinse STANDARD
Built-in water softener STANDARD
Cutlery insert 2
Basket for glasses dim.500x500x100mm 1
Basket for 18 dishes dim.500x500x100mm 1
Salt funnel 1
Optional 230V/3+T
Booster pump kit 0,5Hp -
Drain pump kit 32W with Ecoclean
Boiler heating element 9kW
Double wall for thermal and acoustic insulation +18mm
Stainless steel tank filter
Basket for trays with 4 compartments dim.500x500x200mm
Inclined basket for wine glasses dim.500x500x170mm
Kit 4 Stainless steel feet 50-70mm
"SOFT Door" Opening/Closing System
Start Cycle "SOFT Start"
"DOUBLE Load" double basket support
= Optional Installabile, - = Optional not installable


ADVANCE range c537t-bts

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