KLEAN LAB is the necessary tool for the hygiene of hospitals, medical and veterinary laboratories, care homes and food laboratories

Hygiene is an important issue for those activities such as clinics, in which operators use footwear accessories as part of their P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment).

Every day, health workers, doctors, workers in the food department of supermarkets and analysis workers walk thousands of steps from one laboratory to another; their activities are very important and it is essential to ensure that they are carried out with the highest level of safety, preventing dirt and bacteria can move from a place to another.

KLEAN LAB guarantees the washing and sanitation of professional footwear, it’s certified to eliminate over 99% of bacteria and contributes to sanitize the clogs supplied to medical staff and health assistants, to laboratory technicians and to food chain workers including bakeries, large-scale retail trade, butchers and pastry shops.

Sanitization and simplicity: two keywords

Using KLEAN LAB is extremely easy: the operator positions the clogs inside the basket, selects the icon of the washing cycle on the touch display and clicks on Start, starting the washing cycle. The washing consists of some stages, including pre-washing, rinsing at high temperatures and total drainage of the washing tank. This structured procedure uses the combination of temperature, specific sanitizing detergents and a specific washing time, essential elements to ensure that shoes are used every day by all operators are perfectly clean and sanitized, helping to guarantee a healthier working environment.

This model is equipped with a special basket, designed to wash any type of footwear with the best care in all its parts; together with the action of detergent and KLEAN ADD EXTRA, the fast-acting sanitizing acid, each shoe is perfectly cleaned and sanitized.

Safety is essential when it comes to cleaning and hygiene.

Each place must be able to meet high safety standards in order to work efficiently and peacefully.
KLEAN LAB uses the connection to IKLOUD, the system that allows remote monitoring and control via Wi-Fi, offering the possibility to download all the data concerning its operation at any time and in complete freedom.

The advanced self-diagnosis system always guarantees the best performance, provides all staff with greater security thanks to its simple messages and suggestions that are connected directly to the display, with excellent support in real time.