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Imagine a smart dishwasher capable of recognizing and operating exclusively with  specific chemicals without any waste, all through the use of a simple QR code!

 Thanks to Kleancode, this dream has finally become a reality!

Kleancode is Krupps‘ revolutionary feature that allows you to manage and control your dishwasher’s detergent and rinse aid consumption easily and efficiently. It monitors the quantities used, ensuring you always know when it’s the right time to replace them.

Simple and immediate

Using Kleancode is easy and fast. No registration is required, and it can be managed independently.

All you need is a Bluetooth connection and a smartphone!

Connessione Kleancode

Download the Krupps Remote Control app

Select the dishwasher to load the detergent into

Scan the Krupps QR code on the canister

Relax, Kleancode has it covered

Kleancode, through its advanced automatic recognition system, is capable of verifying the authenticity of scanned codes

Once the QR code is scanned, the system calculates the quantity of chemicals inserted and the consumption.

The dishwasher will also display a warning when detergent and rinse-aid are about to finish, preventing the user from running out and reminding them in time of the need for a refill.

Increase your success

Kleancode represents an extraordinary opportunity to transform your experience with the professional washing industry and grow your business more each day.

Discover a world of unique opportunities with Krupps and Kleancode!